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Ways We Help

When one first learns of their diagnosis, they may feel overwhelmed and alone. No one should face cancer alone! At We Care Cancer Support, many of our volunteers have their own survivor stories and are able to offer understanding, support and hope. Talking to a volunteer gives a measure of comfort, an opportunity to express feelings, talk about fears and concerns, and ask questions. 

Resource Referrals

We want to remove hurdles that you may face as you battle cancer. Our resource guide is comprehensive and can provide a wealth of information.

Transportation Assistance

Transportation should never get in the way of proper healing. We Care Cancer can provide gas voucher, or assistance with the cost of your

bus or taxi fare.

Help with Medical Costs

Copays or being underinsured should not prevent you from accessing medical care. If you find yourself financially struggling, reach out! We can help with copay assistance and connecting you to insurance carriers.

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